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"If life gives you lemons..."

Despite our love for making lemonade, or hearty stocks from scratch, that's not primarily why we do what we do. It's really all about serving delicious food to lots of satisfied guests.  But doing that is very hard right now – and we've been struggling with keeping both the restaurant and the bar open, considering we depend a lot on the events, fairs and trade shows that usually go on right down the street. But we also want to act responsibly: To follow the government guidelines on how to limit the spread of Covid-19 to the best of our abilities. So, rather than pushing through a headwind while fighting an uphill battle, we're going to take a breather. For both the restaurant and the bar. A break to help us refocus our energy, and gather inspiration. To try out new ideas both in the kitchen and behind the bar – and to plan for the future. To use this time for something positive – so that when we reach the other side of this situation we'll be a strong, fresh and active part of the Gothenburg restaurant scene. Both as an employer, but even more so for you – our guests.  We're metaphorically putting a tasty stock on the slow simmer – or well, making some lemonade. 

So following the last service of the season on Wednesday the 29th of April, we'll be closing down for the summer. But we'll be back in the spring 2021. Energized, inspired – and stronger. 

If we haven't said it before: We're incredibly grateful for all the support you've provided. All of you – regulars and new guests alike. We hope you'll drop by for a last drink or dinner before we close down for the summer. And this is definitely not a good bye – but a see you again soon!


If you want something to eat, we can offer smaller snacks, a fantastic platter of cheese and charcuteries or really nice chips with dip.

If you are more hungry, we recommend a visit at our restaurant Dinner22, which is wall-to-wall.

Cocktail of the week

Prescription Julep 

Rémy Martin VSOP cognac | Wild Turkey Rye Whiskey | Råsocker | Mynta 

Our restaurant Dinner22

At Dinner22 we are inspired by the traditional Swedish cuisine and serve tasty, carefully prepared dishes of carefully selected ingredients.

The beverage list is long, with focus on rich wines, creative cocktails and an exciting range of beers.

With our proficient staff and a pleasant atmosphere, we offer a homelike feel, right in the center of Gothenburg.


Hitta till oss

Vi ligger nära Avenyn, Liseberg, Ullevi och Scandinavium, och passar således perfekt att besöka innan eller efter ett evenemang i Göteborgs stadskärna. Hit tar du dig lättast med spårvagn eller buss till Korsvägen eller Scandinavium, som båda ligger några minuter bort.